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Cornerstone Therapies

Cornerstone Therapies

Cornerstone We've seen your dilemma: you've just been told your child needs therapy and you don't know where to turn. Whether your child has a short term problem or a more complex issue you could be experiencing feelings of confusion, overwhelm, fear, and grief. You may have numerous questions and concerns regarding what is the best possible treatment for your child. Your overwhelm at the diagnosis of your child's problems is not new to us.

We've held many parents' hands like this; we've hugged many kids like this, and we've seen the changes in both the parents and the children after we started intervention.

We build a foundation for your children so that they can learn to live, cope with their challenges, reach their fullest potentials, and succeed. We change parental fear to hope through scientifically based methods, education, evidence based practice, and interventions. Hope does exist at Cornerstone Therapies.
We believe that therapy needs to be individually tailored and continually modified in order to meet the child's needs. We believe the parents are an integral part of the team and welcome their input and participation in their child's journey.

Our knowledgeable and caring staffs' number one goal is to serve children with special needs.
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Why should you choose Cornerstone Therapies?

  • Hope, success, and love are fostered here and are the foundation which supports all else that we do.

  • We have a history of great accomplishments with children with special needs.

  • Our behavior intervention program for children within the autism spectrum is based upon scientifically established principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to improve socially significant behavior.

  • Our program is comprehensive, consisting of an experienced multidisciplinary team:
    • We offer occupational therapy for the improvement in feeding, self care skills, fine motor, sensory regulation, and handwriting.

    • We provide physical therapy to develop your child's motor skills, balance, coordination and strength.

    • We provide speech/language therapy that incorporates parental involvement so that you as a parent learn to facilitate and promote your child's communication skills.

    • We offer behavior therapy, which is founded on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The behavior department uses only scientifically proven intervention. Our program continues to strive to be on the cutting edge of the most recent validated research available.

    • Since we have 30 years of experience we feel confident in treating a variety of pediatric conditions. Our specialties include but are not limited to: Cornerstone

      • Autism Spectrum Disorders
      • Apraxia
      • Auditory Processing Disorders
      • Sensory Integration Dysfunction
      • Motor Control Issues
      • Physiological and Sensory Oral Motor Delays
      • Developmental Delays
      • Cerebral Palsy
      • Chromosomal Syndromes
      • High Risk Infants
      • Orthopedic impairments

    We're just a phone call away.

We'd consider it a privilege to work with your child.
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