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Cornerstone Therapies Provides

Physical Therapy

  1. Individual PT.
    Pediatric Physical Therapy (PT) focuses on evaluation and treatment of children with gross motor limitations resulting from injury, disease, congenital conditions, or developmental delay, with an emphasis on movement dysfunction. The therapeutic intervention, provided by Licensed Physical Therapists and Licensed Physical Therapy Assistants, addresses muscle strength, range of motion, postural control, balance, motor planning, safety, and motor delays. These interventions help maximize a child’s ability to access his/her environment safely and as independently as possible, achieve motor milestones, and reach his/her fullest potential.

    Physical Therapists assess a child’s individual needs, determine equipment needs, consult with caregivers, and use a team-oriented approach with other professionals to develop a plan of care specific to each child. They are trained in all stages of a child’s development and able to analyze movement. They use exercise, play, functional activities, games, therapeutic handling, and modalities as treatment techniques. Physical Therapists will continually motivate and challenge your child to reach his/her highest physical level.

    Therapeutic Interventions Offered:

    • CranioSacral Therapy
    • Kinesiotaping
    • Neurodevelopmental Treatments
    • Theratogs

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  2. Group PT
    • “Get Up and Grow”
      Come join a fun, energetic, group-format class where participation is a must! This class is developed for parents, caregivers, and their children. There are three groups with specific activities designed to address milestones and skills within each age group. Learn about normal development as we balance, climb, crawl, throw, catch, jump, and run during group sensory and motor activities. Therapeutic activities for infants 0-12 months will address development of head, neck, trunk, and hand control. Toddlers between the ages of 13-24 months will participate in activities challenging gross motor skills in addition to activities addressing motor planning skills, eye-hand coordination, jumping, kicking, balance, and running. Therapeutic activities for 25-36 month old children are designed to facilitate higher level gross motor skills as well as sensory processing and group games. These classes are led by occupational therapists and/or physical therapists. Please contact our office at (714) 962-6760 to set up an appointment for a screening or if you would like additional information.
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