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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Noitice of Privacy Practices

  2. How do I get referred to Cornerstone?

    You can be referred by Orange County Regional Center, the school district, your physician, or you can come and receive an assessment without any referral at all. Most insurance companies require a prescription in order to pay for services.
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  3. What is ABA? OT? PT? SP?
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  4. Do you have any bilingual therapists?

    Yes, we currently have a Spanish speaking and Vietnamese speaking Speech Assistants and Behavior Therapists.
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  5. What is an IFSP? IEP?

    An IFSP stands for and Individual Family Service Plan. It is for children who receive early start services from either Regional Center or the School District for children that are under three years of age. The members of the team meet at least every six months to update progress on the child’s needs in all areas. There is a service coordinator that sets up the meeting and writes a written IFSP report that outlines how your child is doing in all areas of their development. New goals are listed in every area of need. The IFSP also includes the type early start services your child needs in order to achieve the outcomes.

    An IEP is an Individual Educational Plan for children who receive services by the school district between the ages of three and 21 years of age. The IEP states what the child’s unique needs are, and the services that the child needs in order to achieve outcomes. It outlines where the child is functioning and how the team members are working towards improving the child’s functional level. The IEP generally is written for a one year duration. A parent can request an IEP meeting at any time if they have concerns regarding any area in their child’s development.
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  6. Can my child stay after age three in the group infant stimulation program?

    Our group infant stimulation program is geared for children one to three years of age. If your child still requires group infant stimulation services, Regional Center will help with the transition to your local school district. If your child has needs in the area of Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), or Speech Therapy (SP), they could possibly qualify for services from your insurance company. Depending on availability your child could stay after age three but the payer of service would be different.
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    “ The therapists touched our lives in such a way that they will never be forgotten and McKenna would not be where she is today if not for your help. Thanks!” ~ Katie, parent of child in multidisciplinary program

  7. Do I need to stay with my child during therapy?

    Parents are not required, but are welcome to stay when their child receives therapy. Our therapists encourage parents to be active participants in their child’s services. If the parent is not present during therapy, the parent should return five to ten minutes before the conclusion of therapy so the therapist can review the session and possible homework.
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  8. Is there a waiting list?

    Please contact the office regarding availability.
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  9. Do you have specialists in Apraxia?

    Yes, our therapists are trained in the latest techniques for use with patients with oral motor sequencing deficits. We also have some P.R.O.M.P.T. trained therapists available in our clinic.
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  10. Do you have specialists in Torticollis?

    Yes, we have several physical therapists which have had extensive training in managing patients with torticollis.
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  11. Can I change my schedule?

    Yes. If possible we ask that you give us one month’s notice to make changes. Some children have multiple disciplines and it takes about 3 hours on average for our scheduler to coordinate all the disciplines in the time frames that parents give. Sometimes your therapist may not be available if you change your schedule and you may need to see another therapist.
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  12. Do you provide in-home therapy?

    Yes, depending on location and availability of our therapists.
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  13. Are there any services provided without a cost to the parents?

    Children under three years of age may be eligible for evaluations and therapy services funded through Regional Center. Children three years and over may be eligible for evaluations and therapy services funded through their local school district. These services are dependent upon eligibility criteria.
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