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Cornerstone Therapies
Provides Four Types Of Evaluations.

“The office staff was incredible, treated me with the utmost respect, and accommodated my limited availability. I felt like Stacy bent over backwards.”
~ E.H., parent of child in Autism Program

  1. bent over backwards picEarly Intervention Developmental Evaluations (EIDE)-
    We provide individualized comprehensive assessments for children under three years of age. We assess children in the areas of: gross motor, fine motor, receptive and expressive language, speech, play, cognition, social emotional, self care skills, and sensory regulation. These evaluations also include functional behavior assessments when applicable. These evaluations are conducted by a team of licensed specialists with expertise in development and their respective fields. By having the developmental assessment performed, the parents will gain knowledge of their child’s areas of strengths and weaknesses, developmental levels in all areas, and what course of action is recommended to address these delays. Our families are provided with a report that includes specific measurable goals and objectives in each area of delay written by licensed specialists in each respective domain.
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  2. Physical Therapy (PT) Assessments-
    We provide comprehensive physical therapy assessments for children of all ages. We assess children in the areas of gross motor skills, muscle strength, muscle tone, range of motion, pain, postural control, gait, functional skills, bilateral coordination, and orthopedic equipment needs if applicable. We use a variety of standardized tests and measures to gain information on the child’s functional level and ability to participate in their environment. Some assessments require additional time (outside of the one on one time with the child) to interview the teacher or other treating therapists to gain more information about the child’s performance in all environments. By having a physical therapy assessment the parent will gain knowledge of their child’s areas of strengths, weakness, unique needs, and what course of action is recommended if the child has delays. The report will include outcome measures, treatment plan, prognosis, and specific measurable goals and objectives in each area of delay written by a Licensed Physical Therapist.
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  3. Speech and Language Assessments-
    We provide comprehensive evaluations in speech and language development for children of all ages. Our evaluations are performed by Board Licensed speech and language pathologists with a clinical certificate of competency from the American Speech and Hearing Association. We utilize a variety of standardized tests in order to ascertain the child’s functioning levels in all areas of speech and language development. Depending on the needs of the child we will provide an overall comprehensive speech and language evaluation and/or a limited evaluation targeting a specific area of concern. Comprehensive evaluations will look at receptive language (semantics, syntax, and morphology), auditory processing, expressive language (semantics, syntax, morphology, narrative, and pragmatics), and oral motor skills for speech, speech development, voice and fluency. The families will be provided with a report detailing their child’s strengths and weaknesses in speech and language, including standardized scores (if applicable) and a specific plan of treatment which will include individualized goals and objectives.
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    “The Hanen program helped us to know how to help our son.”
    ~ M.B., parent of child who attended Hanen program

  4. Occupational Therapy (OT) Assessments-
    We provide comprehensive occupational therapy assessments for children of all ages. We assess children in the areas of fine motor, handwriting, sensory processing, manual dexterity, muscle tone, range of motion, oral motor, adaptive skills and feeding. We use a variety of standardized tests and measures to gain information of where your child is functioning and how they interact with their environment. We currently also have a SIPT certified therapist that is able to administer the SIPT. An Occupational Therapy assessment will give the parents information on where their child is functioning, what their unique needs are, and include measurable goals to address the areas of concern. Some assessments require us to interview family, caregivers, teachers, or aides to gain more detailed information of how the child is functioning in different environments. All the goals and objectives are written by our board certified therapists.
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  5. Behavior Assessment-
    Our facility can perform functional behavior assessments (FBA) or functional assessment procedures in order to determine the function(s) of a child’s behavior. This evaluation includes both direct observations and questionnaires. Based on the results of this evaluation, a treatment plan is developed. The treatment plan consists of antecedent strategies to prevent behavior as well as replacement skills to challenging behaviors.
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* All the above evaluations may be funded through a variety of sources which include: private pay, medical insurance, Regional Center, and school districts. We are a vendor for Regional Center of Orange County and we are a licensed non-public agency available to provide therapy to children as designated by the individual education plans as deemed necessary by their IEP team.